Natalie Daines (ND) Level 3 Senior coach

Natalie is a mum to 2 children and works at Hemps Green on a part time basis. She formerly worked at Hemps Green full time before leaving to start a family.

Natalie has her BHS stage 2 teach and stage 3 riding & care and is working towards her teach 3.

Prior to having her family, she has evented at intermediate level and has competed in all 3 disciplines at affiliated level.

Natalie enjoys coaching teenagers and riders who want to progress.


Kerry Gant (KG) Level 2 Junior coach

Kerry is head girl and has been working for Lisa for nearly 4 years. She began as a level 2 apprentice and completed her apprenticeship with Hemps Green. She has stayed on as a full time member of staff and is now head girl and has obtained the majority of her BHS stage teach 2 and stage 3 ride & care qualification.

Kerry is quiet and patient and particularly good with younger children or novice, nervous riders or those suffering with anxiety. Kerry is good for clients who are after the quietly, quietly approach


Chelsea Fisk (CF) Level 3 Senior coach

Chelsea is a new member of the team. She has a level 3 diploma including coaching units and is now working to back up that level 3 diploma with BHS stages qualifications as well. She rides and competes her own horse and is Lisas competition groom.

She is good with teenagers and adults from novice to advanced and is patient and quiet in her teaching methods.