Lisa Spence (LS) BHSI Proprietor/Manager, Senior Performance Coach

As owner of Hemps Green Equestrian, Lisa is known as the boss! She started Hemps Green Equestrian in 2013 when realising there was a significant gap in the market for a higher level of bespoke tuition required for adult equestrians.

She comes with a depth of knowledge and experience, hard to find in your average riding school. She has been riding and competing all her life and still actively competes at affiliated level in all three disciplines. She has a no-nonsense approach, can sometimes be brutally honest, but has a level of ambition for her clients that is second to none. If you wish to improve your competition skills or achieve your professional qualifications, then she is the coach for you.

She would describe herself as a horseman with meticulous attention to detail and one that always puts her horses first.


Kerry Gant (KG) Level 3 Coach and Customer Relations Manager

Kerry has been working for Hemps Green Equestrian since May 2019. She began as a level 2 apprentice and completed her apprenticeship at Hemps Green. She continued as a full-time member of staff and progressed to head girl. She has obtained her BHS stages 2 and 3 and her Coach 3 qualification.

Kerry is quiet and patient and particularly good with younger children and novice, nervous riders or those suffering with anxiety. Kerry is good for clients who are after the quietly, quietly approach. She is calm, methodical, and consistent and has a quiet friendly manner and will help you to progress.


Sarah Edwards (SE) Level 3 Coach and Yard/housekeeping Technician

Sarah has many years’ experience with horses and regularly competes her own cob. She was head girl for Lisa over 25 years ago when she left to have her now grown-up family.

Many of you will have met her helping on the yard or passed her stables at the top of the drive. We are delighted that she has finally agreed to get back to coaching and her organised, efficient manner will be an asset to our current team of coaches. Her many years of practical horse ownership and time spent on the hunting field will make her a great coach for those that wish to be progressive, practical but not necessarily competition discipline specific.

Her mature but effective approach is sure to help you grow in confidence and ability.

Sarah is also responsible for the clubhouse so make sure you wash your cups up or she will be after you!


Madeline Press (MP) Senior Yard Technician and Level 2 Coach

Maddie joined Hemps Green Equestrian after completing an Equine Training and Management Degree at Hadlow College. She also holds her Stage 2 complete and Stage 2 Coach and is working rapidly towards her Stage 3 qualifications.

Maddie is a quiet, petite rider who rides and coaches with empathy and feel. She is happy to coach all levels and all ages, and her quiet non-confrontational personality will help those who are anxious or lacking confidence to progress in a quiet progressive way.

Maddie has some competition experience and is happy coaching those making there way into the competition scene.


Molly Chase (MC) Level 3 Apprentice and Stage 2 qualified

Molly is working towards a level 3 Apprenticeship and is currently showing a passion towards the competition horses, where she spends the majority of her time working on Lisas competition yard. Having passed her Stage 2 complete Molly is now working towards her coaching exams.

Molly can be selected to escort client hacks and some beginner lessons.


Lucie Rowley (LR) Level 2 Apprentice and Stage 2 qualified

Lucie is on the Level 2 Apprenticeship programme. She is conscientious, polite and hard working. Lucie is an asset to the team, she has passed her Stage 2 complete and is currently working slowly towards her Teach 2.

Lucie can be selected to escort client hacks and some beginner lessons.

You can select a coach by looking for their initials against a private lesson time slot. Lesson prices vary according to qualification and experience of the coach.

Coaching descriptions 

Trainee Coach

These are coaches at the beginning of their coaching journey, they will have equine experience, this can be very varied depending on the student.

They are often supervised by a more senior coach who may have input into the lesson and may help and advise the trainee coach.

A trainee coach will be working towards their Stage 2 Coach assessment.


Stage 2 Coach

Will be competent to work with Novice riders on the lunge and lead rein and will be able to deliver a lesson including flatwork and jumping in walk, trot and canter, working in balance and position and work without stirrups.


Stage 3 Coach

Will be able to deliver dressage lessons for someone wanting to compete at Novice or Prelim dressage.

They will be able to coach SJ and XC to Novice competition riders.


Stage 4 Coach

Has a broad experience across the equine industry coaching a variety of people. They will have a variety of coaching techniques to assess horse and rider combinations.

They will have knowledge to coach competition riders to BD Elementary, BE100 and BS 1m/1.10.


Stage 5 Coach

A Stage 5 coach will have a broad knowledge of all aspects of the equine industry. They should be a good communicator, able to impart significant knowledge with enthusiasm, clarity and impact.

They are often a lead coach, training and supervising staff and students and they are often the trainer of the coaches.